UV Light Installation

Safeguard your HVAC System

UV Light for Equipment Protection

UV light installation over air conditioner coils provide multiple benefits, including microbial control to prevent mold and bacteria growth, improved efficiency by maintaining a clean coil, and odor reduction for a fresher indoor environment. Additionally, the use of UV lights contributes to extended equipment life and potential health benefits by reducing airborne contaminants.

Help keep your home healthy and safe while prolonging your HVAC system's life with the installation of a UV lamp, whether it's integrated into your existing system or part of a new installation. Experience the multiple advantages that this advanced technology brings to your home environment.


Benefits of UV

Kills Mold and Bacteria Growth

The powerful UV lamp is designed to destroy and prevent mold and biofilm from growing on the evaporator coil and surrounding areas.

No Chemical Cleaning

The expense of chemical cleaning can vary depending on the extent of dirt and contaminants on the coil. Additionally, some chemicals, necessary for thorough cleaning in the presence of severe dirt, may result in minor damage to the coil. Installing a UV light can help to prevent these issues and the associated drawbacks of chemical cleaning.

Improve System efficiency

Maintain peak efficiency in your system, resulting in cost savings and averting the coil from becoming a contributor to poor air quality. Additionally, the accumulation of growth on your coil can impede airflow, leading to increased energy expenses and potential breakdowns.

Why UV Lights?

Explore diverse approaches to improving your home's air quality by contacting us today. Benefit from a 10% discount on the installation of UV lights by enrolling as a Maintenance Value Plan (MVP) member. As an MVP, you can alleviate worries about monitoring UV lamp bulb replacements, thanks to our biannual maintenance visits ensuring timely replacements. For additional information, please visit our maintenance page.

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