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Professional, routine maintenance of your heating and cooling system is essential to increasing the longevity of your system, improving energy savings, and ensuring your family stays safe and comfortable, all year long. Whether your HVAC system was recently installed, or is starting to show its age, investing in maintenance is a must. That’s why at Hoock’s we are proud to offer the biannual Hoock’s Maintenance Value Plan (MVP).

Biannual maintenance allows for early detection of problems and can prevent costly breakdowns. Our technicians follow a meticulous checklist during the maintenance inspections. At the completion of each inspection, you will receive a copy of the completed checklist with a health report on your system.


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MVP Member Benefits

  • 2 visits per year- scheduled every 6 months
  • Multi-point safety inspection
  • 15% discount on repairs
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty on repairs
  • Priority Scheduling
  • No After-Hours Fees
  • 10% discount on Indoor Air Quality Products
  • Flexible monthly or yearly billing options
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We understand that life is busy, and remembering to schedule your next maintenance visit feels like “one more thing” to worry about. As a MVP member, we take the worry of remembering by contacting you when your next maintenance visit is due!

Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

The earlier you begin maintaining your HVAC system, the sooner you’ll experience the below benefits:

Reduced Energy Bills

One of the largest contributors to a high energy bill can be your heating and cooling system. When your outdoor unit is covered with mud, dirt, and debris it will experience restricted airflow, and consume more energy when trying to cool your home. A properly maintained system will result in efficient and energy-saving operations.

Extended Equipment Life

Home ownership comes with a lot of responsibilities and expenses! By having a trained professional perform routine maintenance of your existing heating and cooling system, you can extend the useful lifespan of the equipment. A typical lifespan for a well-maintained system can range from 10-18 years.

Improved safety

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, poisonous gas that can be released into your home from part of your heating system. Other components of your system may have bad wiring at risk of causing a short and fire. Having a trained technician inspect the system’s components for safe and correct operations will provide you and your family with peace of mind.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The air you breathe plays an important role in your health. Your routine maintenance inspection is the perfect time to have your IAQ products inspected to ensure the air in your home is as healthy as possible. These additional services are provided by our recommendations, or at your request. To learn more about the many ways to improve your IAQ, click here.

Maintain Warranty

If you have a newer system, you may have a parts or labor warranty that requires maintenance. Many parts and labor warranties require that you have professional maintenance performed, and documented, to keep the warranty valid. Hoock’s performs maintenance on any brand system and fuel type.

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