Heating Maintenance

Stay Cozy All Season

Expert Heating System Maintenance for Comfort and Peace of Mind

Ensure your comfort in the winter with a well-maintained heating system. Our skilled team at Hoock’s conducts thorough inspections, addressing small issues before they become costly repairs. We service all major brands, offering routine maintenance for electric, propane, and natural gas systems. Invest in timely maintenance for safe and optimal performance, preventing unexpected breakdowns, and providing peace of mind.

Heating Maintenance Checks

During a heating maintenance visit, our trained technicians will inspect and clean your system utilizing a meticulous checklist that includes:

  • Check Thermostat Operations
  • Clean Flame Sensing Rod
  • Check Proper Gas Pressure
  • Check All Flue Pipes For Safety
  • Check For Gas Leaks In Furnace
  • Check For Proper Air Flow
  • Check Condensate Drains
  • Check Wiring and Connections
  • Check Heat Strips
  • Check Air Temperature Rise
  • Check Capacitors
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger
  • Inspect Ignition Assembly
  • Combustion Analysis
  • Measure Volts and Amps of Electrical Components
  • Check Filters**

At the completion of the maintenance visit, our technician will review the checklist with you and leave a copy for your records. At Hoock’s we believe in doing the right thing and will only recommend necessary repairs or improvements.


Electric Heating Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and safety of electric heating systems. Dust buildup, worn components, and electrical issues can impact efficiency and safety over time. Conducting routine tasks like cleaning filters, inspecting wiring, and addressing wear signs enhances efficiency and reduces the risk of electrical malfunctions. A well-maintained system operates reliably, ensuring consistent warmth, potentially extending equipment lifespan, and contributing to a safer and cost-effective home heating experience.

Gas Furnace Maintenance

Gas furnaces require regular maintenance to guarantee both safety and efficiency. Unlike electric systems, gas furnaces involve combustion, and issues such as clogged burners or faulty ignition mechanisms can compromise their performance. Regular inspections, which include checking for gas leaks, ensuring proper ventilation, and examining the heat exchanger, are essential to mitigate the risk of carbon monoxide leaks, a potential health hazard. Beyond safety concerns, a well-maintained gas furnace operates more efficiently, minimizing energy usage and potentially reducing monthly heating costs.

When Should Heating Maintenance be Scheduled?

While there is never a wrong time to have your heating system maintenance, we do recommend having it completed near the beginning of fall. Fall maintenance allows for the identification and resolution of any issues that may have developed during the warmer months of inactivity. It also helps prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensures that your furnace operates safely and at peak efficiency.

Don’t wait for a problem to occur! Call us today at (636) 266-2187 to schedule your routine maintenance check.