What Is Involved in AC Installation and Repair Services?

Your AC installation or repair process can determine how well and how long your system serves you. Proper installation and repair are beneficial for optimal service. At Hoock’s Heating & Cooling, we follow comprehensive processes for efficient and effective AC installation and repair services. Here’s what is typically involved in these services:

AC Installation 

Here are the steps involved to make sure your system is installed correctly and functioning properly to provide optimal performance and energy efficiency:


Our team will assess the size of your space and insulation during your consultation. The size of your space, and other factors such as insulation, window sizes, and location, all play a role in determining the proper size AC for your home. A properly sized AC will result in accurate run time cycles and dehumidification throughout the home.

During the consultation we will provide you with four estimates and education on the differences of each option. We are proud to offer multiple financing options to help make the installation affordable.

Actual Installation 

After determining the ideal AC, we’ll install the system on your property. We’re partnered with American Standard, a reputable AC supplier since the 1880s, to bring our customers durable and efficient units. Before installation, we’ll take extra care to lay down drop cloths and carpet coverings to protect your home. After these precautions are taken our technicians will begin the installation process following a detailed installation routine. To ensure our customers have the most efficient and dependent system possible, the following steps are taken:

A new properly sized return drop will be installed with an AprilAire Media Cabinet. Your furnace or air handler will be positioned on a return air box. A new supply plenum will be installed. Electrical and drain connections will be made; new flus will be run if necessary. On the outside of your home, we will position your AC unit on a level pad or rack and a new electrical disconnect and whip will be run to the unit.

To complete the installation process, we will perform a series of checks on the new system to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Our technicians will also provide education on how to operate a new smart thermostat if applicable.

AC Repair 

For our AC repair services, you will begin with a call to our office to discuss the problem, receive a brief explanation of our repair process, and to schedule a time for a technician to arrive that fits your schedule. There are multiple reasons you may consider scheduling an AC repair. You may consider calling for a repair if you are experiencing things like long cooling cycles, thermostat not holding temperature, unusual noises or pops, water accumulating around the indoor unit, or higher than normal energy bills.

Our repair process is simple. A technician will arrive to inspect and diagnose your AC problems. Once the diagnosis is complete, if the damage to your system is minor, the technician will provide you with an upfront price to resolve the problem. You may need to replace your entire system if we find that repairs won’t be effective or if your system is too old, as it may be susceptible to future breakdowns. You can trust our recommendations as we’ve undergone comprehensive training and have extensive experience repairing ACs. 

Hoock’s Heating & Cooling: A Reliable AC Installation and Repair Contractor 

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