What To Know Before Installing a Heating System in Your Home

Installing a new heating system can help improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Hoock’s Heating & Cooling is an independent American Standard heating and air conditioning dealer. Our team can assess your needs and help you choose a suitable unit. We offer quality heating installation in Wentzville, MO, and the surrounding areas. Here are some things to know before installing a heating system in your home:

Heating System Types

You can choose from various heating systems, such as furnaces, heat pumps, and electric resistance heat. Furnaces use natural gas, oil, or propane to generate and distribute heat through the air ducts. Heat pumps move heat from the outside to the inside using refrigerant. During heating installation, we evaluate your needs and budgets to recommend the right system for your home.

Energy Efficiency

The annual fuel utilization efficiency ratings (AFUE) provide information about how efficiently the system converts the power source into heat for your home. Understanding these ratings helps you make an informed decision about the system’s performance and long-term cost savings. The higher the (AFUE) ratings, the more significant energy savings you will receive.

A heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) is the efficiency rating for a heat pump system. The higher the HSPF, the more efficient the heat pump will be. A modulating heat pump from American Standard provides up to 750 stages of heat down to temperatures of 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat pumps are a great way to save money and avoid other costly forms of heat such as electric resistance and propane. You can also look for heating systems that have earned the Energy Star label. This certification signifies that a product meets or exceeds strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Currently, certain heat pumps qualify for federal tax credits.


The heating system should be appropriately sized for your home to optimize comfort and functionality of the system. A system that is too large may cause short-cycling, inefficiency, and increased energy bills, while a system that is too small won’t heat your home adequately. Oversized and undersized systems can experience more wear and tear, potentially reducing the equipment’s service life.

Hoock’s Heating & Cooling technicians can help you determine the right-sized equipment by evaluating the size of your home, insulation, window sizing, and direction of home. When necessary, a load calculation will be performed to ensure proper sizing of equipment.


Your budget is important to us, and our goal is to fit every customer’s financial situation. When provided with an estimate you will receive a customized quote tailored to your wants, needs, and budget. When choosing a system, it’s important to consider that while a high-efficiency system may have a higher initial cost, it will pay off over time through lowering your monthly operating costs. All upfront quotes provided include labor, ductwork modifications, venting, and permits.

When presented with an estimate, you will also receive financing options. Financing allows you to gain energy savings and the comfort of a high efficiency system, without the large upfront costs. High efficiency equipment is also eligible for utility and manufacture rebates. Hoock’s offers a 10-year parts and labor warranty which will provide you with peace of mind knowing your budget will not be affected with costly repairs for the following ten years.

Get Quality Heating Installation Today

Hoock’s Heating & Cooling offers quality heating systems that work efficiently to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. After installation, we can check for leaks, verify proper airflow, and test the heating system’s efficiency. Qualified technicians also provide information on how to operate and maintain the heating system. Contact us today to schedule your professional heating installation.